Portable Laptop AC Power Bank White & Black

Product Features:

Safety: This power bank has many protection designs for charging, discharging or standby, can easily deal with abnormal situation, such as overcharge, over discharging high temperature and short circuit etc. It provides a reliable guarantee for power band and digital products.

Efficiency: It has low standby power consumption, high charging efficiency up to 98% full rate,93% conversion rate and 91% utilization rate. The advanced battery cell can reduce energy consumption at the same time and also ensure more efficient completion of charging.

Life Span: High grade battery cell for lasting durable life span even after complete charge and discharge cycles up to 500 times. This power bank still retains more than 80%of the remaining capacity.

Power Bank

Battery Capacity : 9000mAh
USB Output         : 2 USB Ports 5.0V

Battery type         :Polymer Battery Cell
Battery Capacity: 9000 mAh
Output Current : 1000 mA
Input Current     : 1000 mA
Output Voltage  : DC5.0V
Input Voltage     : DC5.0V

• AC power bank has advanced security features 
• Electronic overload protection with automatic shutdown 
• Low battery voltage shutdown 
• High / low voltage automatic shutdown protection 
• Over heat protection and automatic shutdown 
• Output short circuit protection 
• Standby time off 
• Maximum voltage limit for over-charging protection 
• Charging timing / temperature protection
1. Ultra high capacity 24000mAh with Samsung battery
2. Triple USB ports & one AC outlet charge up to 4 devices simultaneously
3. Over protection with automatic shutdown for security
4. With LCD Digital Screen & LED Flashlight



9000mAh Smart Power Bank with 2 Output Ports